About this space

What’s with the name?

I stole it from something Emily Dickinson wrote in a letter to a friend. She said, “I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.” I just loved this for so many reasons, specifically the imagery of a girl with a lanterns out there on some sort of search. When I decided to start blogging as one of my goals in a writing workshop, this was the first thing that sprang to mind. I changed it around a little bit, but I think it works.

What will I see here?

Lots of stuff, but mostly about writing. I recently left teaching to pursue writing full time and it’s been, for a lack of a better phrase, pretty cray cray since. I’ll be blogging about the breakthroughs, roadblocks, frustrations, jubilations, and much, more more, but generally about writing. Sometimes I blog about what I’m up to, but I try not to make it like some 16-year-old girl’s livejournal. No one wants that.

You want to be a writer? Seriously?

Yes. Next question.

What are you working on?

Two projects actually. I am working on a YA alternate history novel and a New Adult novel called ‘The Adam Teller Story.’ There’s more about these projects within the blog. Also, I’m not married to either of these projects, so they could change at any time. Gotta go with the flow sometimes, ya know?

Do you know the odds of getting published? Do you know how hard it is? You’ll get rejected…

Yes and yes. And yes, I have and will. But you gotta keep tryin‘.

Can we comment and provide feedback?

As my grandma would say, “if the spirit moves you!” I like hearing from people, especially when it’s constructive (also nice because hey, I am a writer and I am therefore 6% ego). But I don’t tolerate trolls hiding behind the cloak of anonymity so wonderfully provided by the internet. It’s cowardly.


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