Reading and Writing Goals for 2015 (and oh BTW—I finished the draft of my novel!)

The fact that I finished my first draft of my novel should not be an afterthought in that headline. It should be a cause for celebration!


It felt great to finish it and it also felt great to know that the plot doesn’t suck. There’s much to work on (it’s too short, my characters flip flop a lot, the ending is still wobbly) and it’s so different from it’s original incarnation I started working on two years ago (holy shit, two years?!), but it resembles something publishable. To think it almost came out in that original version makes me queasy. It’s on the road to a better place. And, thanks to Santa, I am getting ready to revise it in Scrivener!

Anyways, I finished that sucker and while I wait I’ll be doing more writing (here and on other projects), reading, and focusing on lots of school related stuff (finishing my Master’s, getting organized on Ed Fair and more). Since I am goal oriented (and relatively good at reaching my goals), I set three each for my writing life and reading life. Check them out below!

Reading Goals

1. Read 156 books–that’s 36 more than I read this year and averages to three a week, which I think is not only doable, but necessary. I’ve noticed that the more I read, the better writer I am. I forget who said it, but reading is a writer’s apprenticeship. It’s crucial.

2. Kill my TBR-Recently my TBR spun wildly out of control. The cabinet I put all my unread books in (because I have thing about having to read books that go on my shelves) was literally overflowing. I then set up a Read 5 Before I Buy challenge. So far it’s working really well. My goal is to get it down to 30 unread books in 2015 so I can kill it once and for all in 2016.

3. Do the ‘Read Harder Challenge‘ on BookRiot: I was sort of hot and cold on this one and then I figured, well, why not? It’ll help kill that TBR!

Writing Goals

1. Finish ‘The Adam Teller Story’. That means final draft. Do all the changes. Commit to it, Hoferer.

2. Write two other novels- either for my Russia series or my time travel series

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo

How about you, my lovely readers? Any reading and writing goals for 2015? Or just goals in general?


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