I’m Excited for 2015 And Here’s Why:

There’s something nice about turning the calendar to a fresh new year. It’s like hitting a restart button. Lord knows I’ve needed that the past two years. The other good thing about 2015 is you can start to anticipate stuff and it’s really not that long of a wait. A year goes by fast! I listed below some of the things I’m excited for in 2015. So excited that I wish I could snap my fingers and have them RIGHT NOW. Alas, this will not work, but I’m thinking that anticipation is half the fun.


I have never been more excited for Netflix original programming than I am for the slate of shows coming up in 2015. All of these are new shows that have some serious talent behind them. First, there’s ‘Bloodlines’ with Coach Taylor Kyle Chandler in March. That’s also the month that the brand new Tina Fey helmed comedy ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ debuts. It’s about a thirtysomething who escapes her life in a cult and heads to the Big Apple. It sounds truly hilarious. Then there’s two Marvel properties I’m excited about: “Daredevil” and “A.K.A. Jessica Jones.” I normally would scoff at the former one, but if Marvel TV is behind it, I’m sure it’s in good hands. There’s also a Canadian drama about a world void of anyone over the age of 21. It sounds like it might fill the ‘Skins’ shaped hole in my heart since the series went off the air.

On top of all of this, there’s also the new season of ‘House of Cards.’ Can I just press fast forward?

Series Conclusions (books) 

The thing I love most about Netflix original series is you get everything all at once and you don’t have to wait around for the next episode. This really speaks to people like me who hate anxiety and crave conclusion in fiction. Recently this preference has transferred over into my reading life (I won’t read books in a series until all are out, with a few exceptions), but the series I have started I am anxious to finish. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of The Fifth Wave trilogy and I’m eagerly anticipating Winter, the final book in The Lunar Chronicles. I’m going to be sad when both are over, but I’m sure the book hangover won’t last long.

Series Conclusions (Parks and Recreation) 

Part of me will go into mourning when the seventh and final season of this awesome ensemble comedy ends. I am anxious to see how everything concludes with Leslie’s new job and the triplets, and to laugh at what I’m sure are some sly and witty technological advances (it is set in the future). Plus, I’m excited to see the regular gang back together. Still, it will be bittersweet. To paraphrase on the 21st century’s greatest minds, Ron Swanson, crying is acceptable at funerals, the Grand Canyon, and during the final season of this fantastic show.

Series Conclusions (Mockingjay Part 2) 

I pledge allegiance to Francis Lawrence, as the faithful and real true adapter of the Hunger Games series. Even though it was half of a book that I have mixed emotions on, Mockingjay Part 1 was a solid film adaptation. Jennifer was great, per usual. I’m excited to get some conclusion, even though this conclusion will break my heart more than any of the other conclusions.


I always look forward to a little adventure. This year, I have a whole summer off and I plan on taking full advantage of this. I can’t say too much yet because things could change, but I’m planning an epic Pacific Northwest trip! Along that I’ll be traveling to Texas and Ohio for weddings and to Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby! It will be my first time going, which is insane to me.

So much to look forward to. I should probably keep this list handy when I feel like my life is boring. There’s obviously much to look forward to.


Reading and Writing Goals for 2015 (and oh BTW—I finished the draft of my novel!)

The fact that I finished my first draft of my novel should not be an afterthought in that headline. It should be a cause for celebration!


It felt great to finish it and it also felt great to know that the plot doesn’t suck. There’s much to work on (it’s too short, my characters flip flop a lot, the ending is still wobbly) and it’s so different from it’s original incarnation I started working on two years ago (holy shit, two years?!), but it resembles something publishable. To think it almost came out in that original version makes me queasy. It’s on the road to a better place. And, thanks to Santa, I am getting ready to revise it in Scrivener!

Anyways, I finished that sucker and while I wait I’ll be doing more writing (here and on other projects), reading, and focusing on lots of school related stuff (finishing my Master’s, getting organized on Ed Fair and more). Since I am goal oriented (and relatively good at reaching my goals), I set three each for my writing life and reading life. Check them out below!

Reading Goals

1. Read 156 books–that’s 36 more than I read this year and averages to three a week, which I think is not only doable, but necessary. I’ve noticed that the more I read, the better writer I am. I forget who said it, but reading is a writer’s apprenticeship. It’s crucial.

2. Kill my TBR-Recently my TBR spun wildly out of control. The cabinet I put all my unread books in (because I have thing about having to read books that go on my shelves) was literally overflowing. I then set up a Read 5 Before I Buy challenge. So far it’s working really well. My goal is to get it down to 30 unread books in 2015 so I can kill it once and for all in 2016.

3. Do the ‘Read Harder Challenge‘ on BookRiot: I was sort of hot and cold on this one and then I figured, well, why not? It’ll help kill that TBR!

Writing Goals

1. Finish ‘The Adam Teller Story’. That means final draft. Do all the changes. Commit to it, Hoferer.

2. Write two other novels- either for my Russia series or my time travel series

3. Participate in NaNoWriMo

How about you, my lovely readers? Any reading and writing goals for 2015? Or just goals in general?