A Really Late November Book Haul

Oh my goodness, I have been quiet lately! I have good reason to be (which I’ll go into more detail later), but for now let me just say I’ve missed my little corner here on the internet.

That being said, I have been doing lots of reading, and less purchasing of books. My TBR cabinet (when I included audio and e-books), clocked in at exactly 100 books which is WAY TOO MUCH. Like seriously, it’s a sickness. I’m starting to envy people who don’t have TBR lists at all. I dream of the day…

Too make myself feel like less of a horrible, materialistic person, I put myself on a book buying ban of sorts. Basically I can only buy a book after I read five out of the TBR cabinet. I want to keep myself on this ban until I get myself down to 20 books.

These were my last purchases before the ban, and they were three good ones. Check them out below.


From left to right they are…

Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood-A bleak short story collection about being in the “winter” of one’s life. Marge is one of my favorite authors, both alive and dead. We read this for book club and I enjoyed it.

Middlemarch by George Eliot- It’s the ‘E’ of the Penguin Drop Caps collection, it’s yellow, and it’s on my list of 100 Books to read before I turn 30. Those were all the reasons I needed to buy it.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler- Because she’s one half of my favorite duo. The book is super colorful and it seems like a less serious read.

Just three little books, though I’m sure I’ll be back in December with even more since it’s the holidays. Until next time (which should be soon since school is out in 2.5 days!), I’m out.


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