My Book Club Is More Awesome Than Your Book Club

I was scrolling through the stories on Huffington Post’s book section (as I do on a regular basis) and there was a headline that read ‘Book Clubs Are Badass.’ I immediately clicked on it because I myself am a member of an awesome book club. 

The author of this post basically describes things about book clubs that make them cool, mentioning clever names for the group, intense discussions, and secretly ousting annoying members. Then, at the end of the post, the author confesses to not being in a book club. So basically it was an outsider’s opinion of book clubs, which are badass, but she totally missed the point on what makes them badass. 

Or maybe she’s just not a member of my awesome book club. 

I have to give credit to my dear friend Sophia for recruiting me and six other awesome ladies into the book club, and my new friend Lyndsey for the idea. Book club has been one of those things that just makes my life better, and anyone who is not in a book club like mine is sorely missing out, and here is why:

1) All the women in my book club are smart, 21st-century women 

Seriously, there is not a dull bulb among us, and this is the factor that provides for excellent conversation. 

High-fives because we’re awesome.

2) When we disagree, we’re respectful 

It’s seriously awesome how we are always willing to hear each other out on our differing opinions. Though we usually agree on most big issues, we’re not scared to voice our opinions, or ask the other questions about her thought process. 

Exactly, Kanye. Exactly.

3) We have good food and good wine (or beer, if you’re Allie) 

We like to eat and sip the vino, what can I say? 

Me at every book club.

4) We never run out of things to talk about 

Every book picked, whether we liked it or not, provided excellent conversation…even if we’re talking about how horrible it was.

Sometimes, you’re just not going to like the book.

5) We’re there for each other when you’re boyfriend leaves you stranded in the rain, both literally and figuratively 

At first I feel like this….

When I have a bad day, I forget about it all whenever I see the book club gals. There’s just too much laughing and talking to do. 

...but then I feel like this.

…but then I feel like this.

What can I say? I guess I was blessed by the book club gods with a supportive bunch. I feel bad for the author of the HuffPost article because she’ll never see how truly awesome a book club can be. 



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