Ringing All My Bells

There’s this series on a website I love, Book Riot, called ‘genre-kryptonite’ where someone talks about the genre of books they love. They could be reunion stories, tales of long lost love, books about old Hollywood or turn of the century America. Reading these posts got me thinking on what genres I like to read, so I made a list of three…which turned into a list of four…and then I added two more for good measure. What can I say? I guess I read pretty widely.

Here’s a list of the genres that ring all my bells:

Books about the following countries/places: India, Russia, South Africa, Eastern Europe (especially during Bulkan Wars), Austrailia and New Zealand, England, Iceland, and New York City.

Apparently I like to read books that take place in the really cold parts of the world…also ones that are either considered “wild” or “tumultuous.”

Books with Time Travel

Ever since Hermione Granger used her time-turner, I’ve been a sucker for stories that send our protagonists forwards and backwards through time.

Book within a Book! (book-ception?)

For a while, I never really liked this genre, until I wrote a story within a story. Now, I just love them. To quote Britney Spears, “gimme more.”

Fairytale Re-tellings

Snow White as a drug dealer? Cinderella, but a boy in rags instead of a girl? The Little Mermaid from Ursula’s perspective? The tale of Sleeping Beauty as a stand-in for the Holocaust?

Why yes, I will read it.

Books set in the Roaring 20s

It’s super trendy to like the ’20s, but sometimes trends are trends for a reason.

How about you, lovely readers? What’s your Achilles heel, genre-wise? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @EmHof!


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