Hi everyone!

I was gone for a little while on vacation, which was SO fun. I’ll write more about that later, but let’s just say it was a much needed break. I feel pretty refreshed and ready to tackle this upcoming week which is going to be busy!

Anyways, instead of posting link after link after link, I thought I’d make one post with a bunch of different links! Before I left, I gave myself a permission slip to write whatever I wanted. I took off the pressure of assignment so I could embrace myself as a writer. I also posted a wrap-up on the Read-a-thon I participated in. Finally, on a more fun note, I did my first bookshelf tour! I have more than one bookshelf in my apartment, so you can look forward to more if you’re into that sort of thing.

I posted the song above (‘I Wanna Get Better’ by Bleachers) because I feel like it’s very representative of how I feel post-vacay and what I strive to do with my summer. It’s not just get better as in getting rid of bad habits, either. It’s more like get better overall. There’s both personal and professional things to work on. There always will be, but I’m giving improvement a more diligent focus. Also, this is just a good rock song. Props to you, Jack Antonoff.

Until next time, I’m out.


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