Bookshelf Tour #1!

Yeah, there’s a number one in the title because this is not the only bookshelf I own. I, in fact, have three (for now), and as I’m starting to settle in, the books are starting to find their homes and since I live alone, I’m going to share it with the internet. It’s so fun. I know you’re jealous, lovely readers. Don’t try to hide it. 🙂

Anyways, let’s take a look at this bookshelf!


As you can see by the picture, this is like a bookcase built into the wall. It really was the selling point of the apartment I rented. It’s such a pretty place to display collectables, and I definitely have some of those!


On this top shelf we have the Best American Short Story collections starting in 2010. My goal, of course, is to have all ten from this decade which I have unofficially dubbed my writing decade. My friend Matt started me on this collection. Plus, I do not read enough short stories. I pick these up and read a few whenever which is nice. It’s no pressure reading!

As far as decorative knick knacks go, you can see I have my fully stocked TBR jar and a silly picture of some lovely friends I visited in DC last year. That picture makes me smile.


Going down a shelf we have a lot more color! In the middle is my collection of Jane Austen books in the cloth bound Penguin Classics. They are just beautiful and I love them. On the right side is a picture of me and my friend Sarah at her wedding and the other side is a sentimental artifact. My grandmother, whom I never never met, collected little knick knacks like these flowers. My mom was going through them and was going to donate them when her and my dad moved, so I decided to save one. A little bit of Grandma Mayes on my shelf. It makes me happy.


Third shelf! This is pretty self explanatory—these are all my hardcovers. I usually do not display books I haven’t read, but if it’s a nice hardcover, I’ve put it out.


The penultimate shelf! (Wow, that word really is overused). Here I have more hardcovers and that cool letter ‘E’ is a gift from my friend Kristina. You might not be able to see, but there’s two little cranes surrounding the ‘E’. They’re beautiful and from Japan.


Lastly, we have my Harry Potters. That’s right, all seven in hardback with dust jackets. I had to buy Order of the Phoenix second hand to replace the dust jacket that was lost in one move or another. The three-fold picture frame are silly pictures I have from college. Sarah and I on Halloween our senior year, my friend Matt (different than the one who gave me the short story collection) on another Halloween, and Katie and I on our Caribbean cruise (Spring Break Oh-Nine! Spring Break Oh-Nine!)

That’s it! There is another little storage area under that last shelf, but I mostly keep my cleaning supplies there and no one needs to see that. Ha!

Definitely more to come as far as bookshelves go. Until next time, I’m out.


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