A Week-long Read-a-thon! (my first ever)

Hi everyone! It’s Friday night and I’m off to party (re: go out for a drink and be in bed by 11:30), but I thought I’d post a quick update before I kicked off my reading challenge!

For some slightly insane reason, I challenged myself to read 100 books this year (which is separate from the list of 100 books I want to read before I turn 30). I’ve noticed from the book blogosphere and BookTube that Read-a-Thons seem to be a pretty standard way to get a good chunk of reading done and to challenge yourself. By now, you know I like a challenge.

What’s a Read-a-Thon you ask? It’s simply a week-long challenge to read more than you usually do. Instead of watching that episode of House Hunters International, or reading the Doge Twitter account, you promise yourself (and the internet) that you’ll read books instead (Doge will still be funny; House Hunters repeats a lot). A lot of Read-a-Thons are hosted by book blogs or book people on the internet and feature fun contests and challenges and Twitter wrap ups. At the end of the week you tally up your pages and give yourself a pat on the back.

This upcoming week, starting on Monday at 12:01 am and going until Sunday at 11:59 pm, is the Bout of Books Read-a-Thon. I will be on vacation starting Saturday, May 17th, so I won’t be able to fully participate in that one, since it ends on the 18th. The next one isn’t looking good either because it’s the week before school starts. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t do a Read-A-Thon! I’ve never done one, and there’s no time like the present. I’m almost to 50 books and this will help me get there before the end of June. I’m so close to the halfway point, I can smell it.

Starting Saturday at 12:01 am and going until Friday at 11:59 MST, I’ll be participating in my own Seven Day Reading Challenge! A lot of people put up extensive lists and goals and I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to be dragged down by a TBR during my first time. A girl doesn’t need that kind of pressure :). Instead, I just want to finish the two books I’ve started; The Forgotten Garden (who the $#*! is Nell’s mother?!) and Heart of Darkness (which, despite it’s short length, is taking FOREVER). After that, who knows, but as of Saturday, May 10th I can start counting pages towards my goal. Should be a fun time.

I’ll be updating on Twitter and Goodreads and I’ll post a short wrap-up of my stats (or at least try to) despite being on vacation. Until Monday, I’m out!


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