The TBR Jar!

I don’t know if you guys know this yet, but I like to read books. I know right? brand new information_phoebe What’s more, is I also like to own books. I blame this on the fact that the two houses I grew up in—my grandparents in Cincinnati and my own parents—had pretty extensive libraries. I also blame my repeat viewings of Beauty and the Beast between the ages of 5-12.

This was the dream.

This, while endearing, is starting to become a little problematic, especially since I’ve been moving so much. I moved into my new apartment over a month ago and the only thing I still have to unpack are books. While I’ve read the majority of them, there is quite a pile of unread book. How did I solve this problem? By going on the internet and stealing someone’s idea, of course! Thanks to Little Book Owl, I created the TBR jar! For the uninitiated, TBR means To-Be Read. After asking my friend Kelley where I can buy mason jars (I know, it’s shameful that I didn’t know this before hand and I live in Colorado) I brought home a giant case from Target, wrote all my unread books on a purple sticky notes and put them in the jar. Then I added a blue ribbon, for, you know, flair.

I have 37 pieces of flair.

My current goal is to draw from the jar twice a month and read one of those books. It’s all in an effort to get that TBR pile down to a respectable (and less agonizing to haul) level. I’ve tried other methods, like a book buying ban, etc, but those just make me want to rebel and buy books! So, here’s another semi-creative attempt.

Without further ado, here’s my jar!


I’ll be back later this week with more posts! Until then, I’m out.


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