One day, I will be 30

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back in beautiful, warmer-than-the-North-Pole Colorado. I loved my time in the Midwest, but it’s always nice to come home.

January can be kinda bland for some people, but it isn’t for me because it’s my birth month. That’s right, on January 22, 1987 I was brought into this world at the Air Force Academy Hospital. For those of you who can quickly crunch numbers, that means I’ll be 27 soon, three years away from the big 3-0.

I spent a lot of time freaking out about being 26. As my friend Laura so eloquently put it (quoting the greatest modern-day source of truth we know, Buzzfeed), it’s the age you realize that someday you are going to die. That’s a scary thought, really, but one year later I find myself totally over my immature apprehension and really looking forward to life in my late 20s.

I seem to be one of those people addicted to making lists and setting goals, and even though it’s considered to be kinda cheesy, I really wanted to make a ’30 Before 30′ list. I’ve shared this list with a few pals since I wrote it (and changed it some since then…stealing one of my roommate’s goals—Sorry I’m not sorry, Danielle), but now I’m putting it here so the internet will keep me on task. Also, some of you may live in Michigan, or know where I can ride a motorcycle, or happen to own a box set of ‘The Wire’ on DVD and you can help me out. The thing I like most about doing these lists are the experiences I have, and those are shaped by the people I share them with.

January 22nd is usually the one day a year I get to hear from all the people that I love. Far flung friends send texts, tweets, and wall posts. Cherished close friends give me a call and I get to hear their voices. My grandmother always sends me a beautiful card and my parents take me to dinner. Nothing makes me happier than friends and family and that is why I will always cherish this birthday, and all the ones that (hopefully) follow leading to 30 and beyond.

  1. Go to the remaining 14 states I haven’t been to (Utah, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Arkansas, Montana, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia)
  2. Run the Flying Pig half marathon
  3. Read the 100 list on my website
  4. See a baseball game at Wrigley Field
  5. Make a 3 course meal, by myself, for my friends
  6. Create a comprehensive family tree and put it somewhere SAFE
  7. Go on a writer’s retreat with NO INTERNET
  8. Publish a book in some format
  9. Get my ears pierced
  10.  Learn to dance
  11.  Collect bookmarks from an Independent bookstore in all 50 states
  12.  Make a grown up financial decision or investment
  13.  Go on a foreign service trip
  14.  Ride a motorcycle
  15.  Make my own dress and wear it out
  16.  Go to an NBA game
  17.  Go to the sand dunes, Mesa Verde, and Four Corners
  18.  Attend a live taping of a tv show
  19.  Sing karaoke
  20.  Watch the Godfather movies
  21.  Shoot a gun and a bow and arrow
  22.  Buy a real video camera and film something
  23.  Climb Longs Peak
  24.  Start a garden
  25.  Take a class on David Foster Wallace
  26.  Finish the West Wing and the Wire
  27.  Attend the Kentucky Derby and bet on a horse
  28.  Go to Niagara Falls
  29.  Write an online story/scavenger hunt
  30.  Run a triathlon

(You can always view the list below by clicking the ’30 Before 30′ link at the top of the page.)


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