5 Apps that Keep My Life Organized

Well, it’s about time I come clean to the readers of this blog about one of my quirks. Well, let’s not call it a quirk, more like a trait. See, I love to organize (which is odd because I sometimes have a messy room). I like having spots for everything, labels, folders, and places for things to go. I recently reorganized my closet and had fun doing so. A shrink would probably tell me that this is one of the ways my anxiety manifests itself in my daily life. Well, too bad. I figure there are much worse manifestations and I’m not so OCD that I’m unbearable. I promise.

Anyways, since I am busy doing four things at once most of the time, I need some organizational apps to help me. Otherwise, there would be a multitude of paper everywhere and it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as this:

Also, these are not the typical organizational apps like Calendar (a personal favorite) and Reminders (a personal crutch). These are the fun ones. That’s right, I said fun.

Here are my five favorite apps. There are links in the descriptions if any of you fellow organizational lovers want to add this greatness to your life.


source: smokingapples.com

My friend Kelley showed me this great app which is all about making lists! I am a total list girl, and here I keep all my lists in one spot. It’s everything from grocery list to Christmas list to a list of movies I should watch or things I should look up. It’s getting to that point in my life (at the tender age of 26) that if I don’t write things down, I will forget them, so needless to say I use this app on almost a daily basis. Also, once you accomplish an item and check it off the list, it crosses it off for you and puts it down in the completed items section, so it’s like getting that digital satisfaction of crossing something off the to-do list.


source: mashable.com

I heard about this Feedly app from my friend Pat back when Google Reader retired. I love it. I keep all of the blogs I want to read on there and I keep them in categories, such as blogs for reading and books and blogs for fun (BuzzFeed….no shame). I like the way it is formatted as well. I just click on the article and it opens up, hit the check mark and it disappears. Plus, it smartly syncs up with my tablet and phone, so I can check it whenever I get the downtime to read.


Source: oneclickroot.com

Have you ever seen a link on Twitter and you think to yourself ‘Oh, I want to read this, but I don’t have time now. How can I save it so I’ll go back to it later?’ Well, even if you haven’t, I certainly have. It used to plague me. I tried favoriting them, but then I still would forget to go back through and read them. Then I discovered Pocket. This is probably my favorite app on the list. Simply download the app and then sync it to your Twitter (and add the button to your browser, too). If I see a long form story or an article I don’t have time to read on the go, I just save it to my pocket. It keeps all the articles and my mind is at ease knowing that I’ve put the article in a safe place I can easily access. No more open browser pages for me! Like Feedly, it syncs with all your devices. If you get any app on the list, I recommend this one.


source: crunchbase.com

The easiest way to describe this app is it’s like a permanent portfolio. Once you download it to your devices, you sync it up with your browser and other apps and then if you read something and you want to keep it forever, simply send it to Evernote. I wisely synced mine with the Pocket app so I can send stuff directly from there. I keep articles that give me writing ideas, or tips and advice I want to go back to, and recipes. I have them all organized in folders as well. I haven’t played around with this app too much, but I have every intention of seeing what else I can use it for.


source: howstuffworks.com

For me, reading is a huge part of my life. My list of to-read books is so, so long and I originally kept a list format, but then it got overwhelming. Along came Goodreads and here is where I organize my book life. For those unfamiliar, the site and it’s apps are like the Facebook of books. You have friends or writers that you follow, there’s an update feed where you can see what people want to read or finished reading, and they host some pretty cool author chats and hangouts. I’m a fan. They also let you divide books into other lists, so if I feel like reading about India, I just go to my India list and look at the books there. Goodreads is famous for it’s rating and reviews that people can leave and authors can easily access if they chose to. Somewhat controversial, but right now, as a reader, this is the best app ever.


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