Revisions are like building a house

So remember how I was all jazzed to get my novel back so I could start revising it and making it pretty? I know I related my excitement about it on here.

Well, I got my novel back, I read over the comments…and then I did nothing.

johnny depp slinky

Seriously, I avoided my novel like it had the swine flu. I let it sit on my computer, unchanged, after my cohorts worked so hard to edit it and I worked so hard to write it.

I know, I know. I suck, right?

I knew I should create a plan, some kind of map to follow, because I didn’t know where to begin, and a map would tell me where to start…unless I was unsure of how to make the map. I was falling down a dark rabbit hole and I hadn’t even started revising! I was just thinking about revising! So, so pathetic.

I figured I had to face my writing demons or I was never going to get anywhere. So after much complaining and wallowing (writers are very good at doing that, I’ve discovered), I came up with the house metaphor.

My parents are currently building their own home in Erie, Colorado and my dad likes to keep the family updated with pictures and amusing narration of the house’s progress. In the beginning, there was a lot of cement, then, a lot of frames. Now they’re getting into the fun stuff, picking out the paint color, the shingles, the doors, the accents, the landscaping, etc.

This is my dream home.

Writing the first draft of my novel was laying the foundation. Now, it’s time to build upon the foundation with things that make the house purposeful, stable, and comfortable. Then I can add all the little unique accents.

So that’s what the next writing posts will be about: the structure and then the style. Stay tuned, everyone.


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