Book to Movie Adaptations: The Jennifer Lawrence Edition

Like most people with a pulse and a sense of humor, my favorite working actress these days is Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she a stunning actress with lots of talent, she’s absolutely hilarious, as displayed by the following gifs:

She also has impeccable taste. She’s lined up some excellent projects for herself that seem to be both awards bait and box office bonanzas. What they all have in common is they are based on books. Not just any books, either, but really good books. In fact, it takes up most of her filmography (other thanX-men, that terrible horror movie that we’re all going to forget she did, and bit parts in indies). So I’ve kindly broken it down for all of you….

Winter’s Bone-The one that put her on the map

JLaw got her first of many Academy Award nominations for playing a girl struggling to take care of her family is the meth plagued Ozark mountains. The movie is based on the book by Daniel Woodrell. It’s a small, tiny novel barely clocking in at 200 pages, but it’s lyrical prose and tightly wound narrative makes it powerful.

The Hunger Games trilogy-The one that made her a bankable stare

What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? I’m sure everyone knows what these movies/books are about. Lawrence gets the to best female lead in any recent YA series to date. If you haven’t read the books, I suggest you do. Now, who’s excited for November 22nd? (MEEEE!)

Silver Linings Playbook-The one that made her a critical darling

She took home every major award for her portrayal of Tiffany in this David O. Russell film. Russell wrote the screenplay from the book of the same name by Matthew Quick. The characters of Pat and Tiffany differ a little from page to film, but the main storyline is still there.

Serena-The one that pairs her with Bradley Cooper again

Ron Rash’s novel about the depression era couple that takes a dark, somewhat gothic turn reminded me a little of Wuthering Heights and Rebecca. Jennifer plays the title character who finds out she can’t have children, and therefore no one will inherit their timber empire. The movie is in post-production and should come out sometime next year.

The Glass Castle-The one that smells like awards bait already

This is one of those that Jennifer’s just attached to star in (Mark Ruffalo and Clare Danes are rumored to be her parents). It’ll be interesting to see how they frame the narrative of this memoir by Jeannette Walls and it will require a really good child actress as well. I recently read the book and loved it, so I’m excited for this one.

Burial Rites-The one that takes place in Iceland

This book has been on the shelves for maybe two weeks and the news broke that Gary Ross would re-team with Jennifer Lawrence to make the movie. I’m sure Hannah Kent is excited! The setting is cool, the plot is slick and involves legal proceedings, but the circumstances make it for more interesting than the regular court drama. I’m picking this up at the bookstore today and I’m excited to read it.

East of Eden-The one that’s an artistic leap of faith

Gary and JLaw are at it again! Gary Ross is planning a two movie adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic. The two movie premise is a huge gamble for studios and they only reason they are thinking of doing it is because Jennifer will star as the matriarch of the family, which is a very, very juicy role. She’s gonna kill it, I’m sure.

Which book to movie adaptation are you most excited for? Did any of these books march to the top of your to-read list because Jennifer Lawrence is starring in them? Let me know in the comments, or give me a shout on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, and Tumblr. Until Friday, I’m out!


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