The Love/Hate Relationship with a New Idea

Well, the Procrastination train has left! Woohoo! My draft was finished on Thursday (look at me, makin’ an early deadline) and I got to enjoy another “flood day” on Friday.

dan rad yes gif

One problem is solved, but now I was worrying over another.  All the advice out there says to start your next book the minute you incubate your current one (for non-writers out there, that’s the time you step away from your novel, usually about six weeks, in order to be fresh when you go back to revisions). Well, I was struggling with my idea for the next book, and as a result, unwillingly to part from my current manuscript.

I got one idea in the middle of the night (which happens sometimes, my brain never shuts off) and I was immediately energized by it. I loved my heroine, gave her a cool name, liked the setting, gave it a backstory, gave said heroine a super hot love interest and a grand adventure to go on. I marched myself over to Walgreens to buy a notebook to start jotting down ideas. I got three pages into it, and stopped. It didn’t quite feel right. I switched over to the computer and came up short there as well. There was no drive to tell the story, no hook that I could seize ahold of. No one would want to read it ever. I now had no new idea to work on and it bothered me. Six weeks of waiting around and not working on something would make me irritable. Plus, I can’t stand the thought of not working.

So I just did what I’m good at. I complained. I engaged in insecurity and self-doubt. I moped. I was sure that I would never make it as a writer.

But then I got another idea. And from that came another and there was a hook, a mystery, and a conflict. Important things! It’s a book I’d read if I were a reader.

This idea may fizzle out as well. It all depends on what happens during the research stage. I am going to take my time with this one, give it it’s due dilligence because I’ll be staying with it for a long period of time.

That’s the thing about a new idea, it either burns out or blazes on. So let’s see where it goes.

I’ll try to get back to a regular Tuesday-Friday schedule of blogging (no promises). So until Friday, I’m out.


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