Draft #2 is finished!

In the wee small hours of Monday morning, I finished the second draft of the A story. Woohoo!

phoebe and rachel dancing

Like with most drafting processes, this one was definitely a learning experience. I figured out that if I push through and keep writing, even when I’m feeling uninspired or frustrated, I can write my way through it. One of the challenges to my story is that I have three narrators. I love their alternating perspectives and together they make the story whole, but I was struggling with one character’s arc more than the other two. So I made a plan and then kept writing him. I even got an idea in the process that I think improved everything as a whole. His storyline, as with the manuscript in general, will be revised many more times.

So what’s next you ask? Well, I’m going to let the draft be for a while, and then I’m going to go through and clean it up so it’s presentable for my Ideal Readers and writer’s group to go through. Showing my work to people is daunting, as I’ve expressed many times before, but necessary. In the meantime, I’m off to the store after my celebratory cinnamon roll tomorrow morning to get a notebook for the next project. As the song goes, there ain’t no rest for the wicked (or, in the case, the poor struggling artist).

That’s all for now. I’ll have some freed up writing time and I can hopefully blog a little more. Hope you are all well. Until then, I’m out.



July Reads and Good News/Bad News

As much as I wish I was writing this blog from Chicago, recovering from Lollapalooza (as it is my dream to go every year) sadly I am in Denver, dealing with some cold, hard real life stuff. Sigh. Real life. I’m 26 and still allowed to say it sucks sometimes, right?

cam crying at monitor

I’ll start with the bad news. I’m not workshopping in two weeks time. My novel is not at a stage where it can be workshopped and also there’s the little (re:big) issue of money. Simply not enough at the moment. But, I am optimistic that there will be enough come October (which seems YEARS away but it’ll be here before I know it) and that by then my writers group and writer friends will have read it and provided even better feedback. I’m all about the feedback these days.

The good news is I had a great meeting with my writers group formed from the non-annoying people in my last workshop. I’ve vented before about how some people drive me nuts, but the people in my writers group do not drive me nuts. In fact, they’re beyond helpful. I left our meeting feeling rejuvenated and ready to rework A into an actual novel. Even better, they want to read it! To me, this good news far outweighs the bad.

In the meantime, July was a month that kicked my ass, but I did manage to read the current YA book-of-the-moment The Fifth Wave.

Now, me personally, I’m not really into aliens. Like I can’t take them seriously. The movieĀ Signs kinda freaked me out, but that was more psychological than extra-terrestrial . I once argued with an ex-boyfriend over dinner whether or not aliens existed (I came down on the ‘no’ side). Because of this I was sort of hesitant to read Rick Yancey’s book.

Turns out that it’s not about aliens, at least, not like you think. I’m holding back here because it’s a spoiler, but the book surprised me with how good it was. It’s also another dystopian story with alternating points of view, the main being Cassie, a sixteen-year-old girl who is just trying to survive and get to her brother despite the fact that a majority of the population has been wiped out by the first, second, third, and fourth waves of an alien invasion. This alien invasion isn’t cartoonish, instead it’s eerie and upsettingly violent. Again, I have to speak vaguely to avoid spoilers. Suffice to say, I liked the book and recommend it even if you don’t like aliens. Cassie is a great narrator who made me laugh and cry and I loved the vividness of her hallowed, burned world.

Well, that’s all for me now. I should probably return to my metaphorical writer cave. Until next time, I’m out.