Authors I Love: John Green

Good morning readers, it’s Tuesday!

I decided to start a little series about authors I love so I can promote the good vibes. Books are totally a word of mouth business and I am anxious to get the word out on some great writers that people might be missing out on. Also, this is a great opportunity for me to gush about people I love. And I’m a gusher.

The first author will come as no surprise to those who know me well. I’m mildly obsessed with John Green. I stumbled upon Green’s work via his YouTube channel. I had just graduated from Xavier and wanted to be a writer, but felt like the whole writing thing was unaccessible until I saw his work with his brother Hank on vlogbrothers. He brings a hilarious, zany energy to his videos that range from silly things like giraffe sex to serious things like Thoughts from Places or educational things like helping me understand the sequester. Also, he’s an engaged author and interacts with people via his Twitter, Tumblr, and Ustream often.

But it’s the books that really made me fall in love with him. His first three that came out I all really enjoyed, especially Looking for Alaska which has one of my favorite lines in fiction. He won the Printz award for the book and it’s held in a high esteem. His other two books, An Abundance of Katherines  and Paper Towns have the trademark Green hilarity and intelligence. I recommend all of them. The YA genre gets a bad rap sometimes because it’s too emo or too flighty, but his work does not fit that stereotype in the least.

Then came The Fault in Our Stars. It currently sits on my ‘favorites’ shelf in my room. It’s a beautiful book, and I’m apparently not the only one who thought that, seeing as it made numerous top 10 lists and was named Time’s best book of the year. The story of Hazel, who has terminal cancer, and the boy she meets, Augustus, is one I still think about often (always the sign of a good book). Hazel is a charming narrator and you can’t help but love her, but there’s a twinge of pain to that love because you know her time is limited. That’s what makes this story so beautiful and so full of light despite the depressing subject matter.

I feel like every rave review I give the book does not do it justice. I simply put it in the hands of my friends and have them read it. I’ve recommended the book to loads of people and none of them were disappointed.

So what are you doing reading this post? Go pick up some of Green’s work. You’ll breeze through it and at the end be thankful you did.


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