When and where do you write?

A couple of days ago I was having dinner with my friend Angela and she asked me a question about writing that I’ve never been asked before. Not that people really ask me questions about it to begin with (and up until the birth of this blog I was pretty private about it). She simply asked me ‘when and where do you write?’ Up until her question, I’d never really stepped back to look at my own habits. I mean, I just do what I do and don’t think about it. That may not be the best thing for me though.

Published, big time authors are often asked when and where they write. Their answers are varied. Stephen King famously writes in the morning every single day. Others, like Jodi Piccoult, write a lot in the afternoons. For years I tried to establish a routine that had me sitting in the same spot at the same time so I could dedicate myself to writing.

I think King’s situation is ideal. The man has a lot of money and therefore his timetable allows him to write pretty much whenever he wants. I do not have this luxury since my schedule is all over the place and I don’t really have a designated spot. I used to write on my bed when I didn’t have a desk and that just made me sleepy. My perfect setting for writing was not presenting itself. At least, not frequently enough and I worked on my projects at a snail’s pace.

I recently watched an interview with Lauren Oliver, author of the popular Delirium trilogy, and she talked about how she used to write parts of her novel on her Blackberry while riding the subway in New York City. She said that if you really want to be a writer, you’ll make the time for it. You won’t wait around for the perfect scenario to channel your creative energy, you’ll just do it. You’ll fit it in where it needs to go. As much of the process of writing is channeling your creativity, it’s also the hard work, dedication and focus that’s important, too.

I don’t like writing on planes, or places that are especially crowded. It’s weird writing when I’m on vacation, sitting in someone else’s house. I don’t like writing in the mornings because I’m a night owl. I could go on and on about my own particulars, but I’ll spare you. Whatever they are, I’m going to have to get over them.

If you want something badly enough, you find time to do it. Plain and simple. You don’t get anything you want by daydreaming about it, however ideal and easy that would be. So for the month of June, since it’s not as crazy as the past few months have been, I’m going to try and put aside more time to write and when I am busy, carve out time to do it anyways. I’ll bring my laptop to work for the down hours, keep a journal in my purse, all those little things will hopefully add up and I’ll be more productive (fingers crossed).

So, with that, it’s back to writing. I’m out.


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